Warmonger Delayed

wardelay.JPG No word on how long, but the NetDevil-designed, PhysX-powered shooter Warmonger: Operation Downtown Destruction won't be hitting today's ship date, Ageia has announced.

We've recently undergone some additional online field testing with a select group of PhysX beta testers and have gotten great feedback. We want to take advantage of the feedback and ensure that Warmonger is 100 percent polished and truly shines as the best next-gen, hardware-accelerated physics and UE3 based game. Therefore, there will be a slight delay in shipment in order to make a few functional adjustments and server infrastructure improvements. We are committed to rolling Warmonger in time for the holidays. We apologise for any inconveniences and will send notification as soon as possible once a new date is determined.

A delay is fine, but it's not so great when there's no new date attached. It might make sense,what with the glut of games hitting in the next three months, for the game to come out in January. Either way, I'm still jazzed about it. Oct 16, 2007


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