We Can't Freaking Wait To Teabag Hitler

hitlerscabinetpics1-1.jpgWe've gotten sick of the 'historically accurate' sales pitch that's come standard in every WWII shooter released over the last fifteen years. We get it already, that European street with the impossible to find snipers is just like the real thing. It's neat, but often does little for larger gameplay. But in Akella's upcoming Hitler assassination adventure A Stroke of Fate (PC we believe), this historical accuracy will have huge impacts on gameplay.

We pay a lot of attention to the historical authenticity in the project. We involved a historical consultant to keep an eye on the authenticity of events and various features of the game. Thus we're specific to many interesting facts relevant to that epoch: Hitler's security system that applied multiple gadgets - sensitive microphones to detect timing devices and a great number of impersonators, as well as schemes and layouts of Hitler's private bunker.

That picture above is Akella's highly publicised digital rendition of Hitler's office. And details like this seem to matter more in a spy story full of real world secrets largely based upon real world people—especially when that's basically what the whole game is about. We're trying to quell our excitement and manage our expectations for the title. But honestly, we can't wait to infiltrate the Nazi regime and teabag the bejesus out of Hitler.

Hit the link for a full Q&A with Akella's Boris Chuprin, the owner of that quotation above.

Gaming Today Q&A: Boris Chuprin on "A Stroke of Fate" [gamingtoday]


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