Week in Games: Spooky Halloween Edition

hellgatebox.jpgHere we are again at another week full of games that threaten to drain my bank account. I haven't even gotten through last week's "must have" list and here comes Manhunt 2, GH III, The Simpsons Game, Hellgate: London, Dementium: The Ward. My Christmas wish list grows longer with each passing day while my time to play games grows ever shorter. What's a poor gamer to do?

Manhunt 2 (WII, PS2, PSP) At long last it finally arrives, castrated but no worse for the wear.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (X360, WII, PS3, PS2) Barracuda, here I come!

The Simpsons Game (X360, PS2, DS, WII, PS3) One Simpsons game to rule them all.

The Witcher (PC) It's witchcraft, wicked witchcraft...

Hellgate: London (PC) Welcome to the 'ell 'ole.

Culpa Innata (PC) What life will be like 40 years from now. I can't wait to see if it's accurate.

Dementium: The Ward (DS) GameCock rolls out the monsters.

TimeShift (PC, X360) The clothes make the man.

Battalion Wars 2 (WII) Who knew war could be so cute.

Tabula Rasa (PC) Richard Garriot's futuristic MMO finally arrives.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (PSP) YOU are the Overlord. Or at least you will be if you win.

Virtua Fighter 5 (X360) Beat down in HD.


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