Weekend Note: Between Worlds

To: Ash From: Flynn Subject: New Haven and Rose McGowan

Well, I've been back from Japan for a week now and my sleep schedule is just finally starting to get back to normal. I'm living out of three suitcases at a friend's place in New Haven, CT until December when I move back to SF after seven years. New Haven is nice and all but it feels a bit strange to be in such a small college town after living in big cities for so many years. Thankfully my tenure here will be short and I'll be able to get back to living a real life soon. I miss my dog and my friends and having all of my stuff close by so December can't come soon enough. At least I have games to occupy my time.Some things you might have missed this weekend:

Churches using Halo to gain young parishioners?

Manchester Cathedral is still whining about Resistance.

Your own life-sized Big Daddy to cuddle.

Alrighty, well I'm off to watch Death Proof , which I picked up today at Best Buy. Sadly they are selling both halves of Grindhouse separately and my favourite of the two, Planet Terror , doesn't come out for another couple weeks. But, the completionist in me must have both parts and this one comes with a $US 5 off coupon for Planet Terror when it comes out. I'm sure in a couple months there will be some sort of uber collector's edition with both parts, but I'm satisfied with letting them screw me for now. something about Rose McGowan with a machine gun leg that just brings out the hetero in me. Have great week, Goodnight!


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