Weekend Note: E for Some, Disneyland for others

To: Ash & Luke From: Flynn Subject: La La Land

Greetings and salutations! I have been reporting all weekend from Los Angeles where I attended E for All briefly and I do mean briefly. I arrived for the press hours on Thursday, did a few interviews, played what games that were there and by three I was done. Since it didn't seem like there was much reason to attend the conference for all four days we decided to take a jaunt to Disneyland which was a complete blast. It was nice to get away for a day and have some fun away from games. As much as I love them, sometimes you just need a break, you know?

Some things you might have missed this weekend:

Cheapy D is a Dad!

Can you please get me one of these? You can keep the game!

That MGS4 demo we played in Japan, well it's in English now.

Well, I'm off to spend a last few relaxing hours in a fancy-ish hotel room. I'm looking forward to heading back home and the end of conference season. It will be nice to sleep in my own bed again. Hope you have a great week, goodnight!


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