Weird Timewaster of the Day: "... Not Lovesick Zombies'

zombiesandstuff.jpg The title would actually be alarmingly these are not lovesick zombies but it's certainly weird. Bizarre. Absurd. And I spent precious, precious free time puzzling over this little game/art/thing instead of um. Doing something else that probably would've been more productive. It's a pretty basic point & click shooting-type game, but with weird backgrounds, creepy zombie things, oogy flashes of text like 'your clothes want to DIE!' while you're playing, and even snippets of video rambling about game design (supposedly) after you win a level. I think it's always nice to get a look at the people who have the time to dedicate to this stuff. The game is actually quite a bit less strange (in some sensense) than Jason Nelson's other game/art/thing ... thing, game, game, game and again game, though I found bouncing a weird fuzzy little blob around the screen and to doors a more satisfying bizarre gaming experience overall, such as they are. alarmingly these are not lovesick zombies


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