Well, Does Waterworld Actually Suck?

To: Crecente From: Ashcraft

This past weekend, the family and I went to Universal Studios Japan. The park was "celebrating" Halloween, which was actually kinda nice cause the kid got to dress up. When I first came to Japan, people didn't really do anything for Halloween — not that they do tons of stuff now. Recently, however, people seem more aware of the holiday. Trick or treating doesn't really happen, and that's a shame. At USJ, they had places where you could say "trick or treat" to park employees and get candy. Yeah, I know, it's not the same, but still.

Mini-Bash dressed up as Jack Sparrow. He was unable to say "trick or treat," claiming that the phrase was "a little difficult." He did ride the Spider-man attraction and enjoyed the Waterworld show. I've actually never seen Waterworld. I know it was a huge flop, but is it really that bad?

He seems to think that "Halloween" is a Jack-o'-Lantern and not an actual day. I get the feeling lots of people here think that...

In big cities like Osaka and Tokyo, I don't see trick or treating catching on as so many people live in apartment buildings. These apartment buildings have automatic locks, meaning that not just anyone can enter. Though, I guess if each building organized a kind of trick or treat event, then it could work... But that seems kinda forced. Not as much fun as random kids and parents knocking on your door. Though, I have heard that in neighborhoods near international schools, there is door-to-door trick or treating.

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