What Are You Playing This Weekend?

phantom_hourglass_wayptw.jpgMe? I got a ton of games thrown at me this week: NBA Live 08, Dementium: The Ward, NHL 08. In print, it doesn't look like a ton, but in time investment? Boggling! Add to that Jeanne d'Arc, Parodius Portable, Sin & Punishment and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and something's gotta give. Looks like the dog is gonna have to walk itself and we're going to need some day laborers to paint that bed room, sweetie—I've got important video games to play.

Actually, my weekend will probably be packed with the Detour LA festival, watching my sister's labradoodle make mini-craps and other domestic fun. Thank God for the Nintendo DS and it's close proximity to my bathroom.

With that lovely imagery in your noodle, what are you playing this weekend?


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