What Are You Playing This Weekend?

halo3_wayptw.jpgI'm currently wrestling with exactly how to spend my Saturday and Sunday. Do I endure two more days at the E For All Expo, at which I've played every single game already present, or do I plant my arse on my comfortable couch and enjoy signing up for Xbox Live, swimming in demos and XBLA games? What to do... what to do... Considering that I've yet to touch Episode Two of Half-Life 2, I think I'm overdue.

Look, I've already decided to shun public gaming in lieu of private, focusing on my Halo 3 game. Given that Team Kotaku was handily beaten by the fecal fetishists at Gizmodo in last night's match, I suspect that a rematch is already in the works.

What was the point of this again? Oh yeah, to find out what you're playing this weekend. Comment away!


    Time to catch up on:
    Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo
    Crysis Multiplayer demo
    Company of Heroes - Opposing Fronts Axis Campaign
    Call of Duty 4 Modern Combat Demo
    Havnt even touched my copy of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
    Fear - Perseus Mandate Demo
    Polishing off whats left of the orange box..
    Not to mention unfinished Skate and halo 3 on 360.

    This sudden rush of releases is killing my free time

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