What Are You Playing This Weekend?

wayptw_mummy.jpgAnother (week)day, another dollar. Another weekend? More time in comfy pants, showering at two in the afternoon, brunches that weigh in at 1600 calories—all part of the Good Life. The icing on the lazy cake is hours upon hours of time spent "wasted" gaming. Me? I'll be group-gaming with some Zack & Wiki: The Quest For Barbaros' Treasure in between bouts of BioShock. I'm a little late to the party on the latter, as I've just recently become the proud owner of an Xbox 360, but the former was snatched up day one. And for $40! I had no idea it was so moderately priced.

I've also got a mummy costume to throw together, the walking undead to my better half's ancient Egyptian-themed slutty get up. Plus, pumpkin carving! Oh yeah!

In the comments, let us know not only what your gaming plans are, but what this weekend's Halloween party situation is like. Be safe!


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