What Does Crysis Think Of Your Video Card?

What Does Crysis Think Of Your Video Card?

crysis2.jpgJudging by TweakTown’s analysis of the demo, if you want to push the resolution to 1280 x 1024 or higher, you’re going to need more grunt than what the mid-range GeForce 8600 and Radeon 2600 can offer.

It’s all good news for GeForce 8800 and Radeon 2900 owners, with these cards scoring in the 30-40fps range with all settings on high, and ~60fps on medium detail. Not a bad showing from the 8800, when you consider the chip is a year old.

Note that these benchmarks were performed on a system with a quad-core CPU, so you might be hard pressed to replicate the results on a dual-core.

Crysis Demo Performance Analysis [TweakTown]


  • Yah with my quad core + 2900 it looks fine. And by fine i mean FINE. Although as soon as i ramp settings up to Very High, we enter chunksville.

    I’ll be waiting for some new ati drivers.

    Oh yeah, and turning off motion blur is a godsend. I like it in TF2, it’s done well, but in this demo, it’s too much. Kinda screws with your eyes.

  • Do you think I’d be able to max it on my Radeon 9550? xD Ahhhhh, nuts… I think I should start saving for a new computer… although I’m like 99.9% that it’ll come to consoles in one way or another.

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