Where's My Halo YouTube Button?

capvids.JPGI may have been drunk when I suggested it last night, but it's a good question. OK, maybe it isn't, but I'm still going to ask it.

Why hasn't Bungie created a tool that allows for easy exporting of in-game Halo 3 videos? Currently you can shuffle around the data that helps recreate the video, but you still need to own the game to watch a replay and the only way you can create a playable video is by capturing it yourself. I'm sure this isn't news to anyone with a copy of the game.

Wouldn't it be nice though, if they came up with some sort of tool that allowed you to take that data, run it through an engine and export it as a video file? Granted I am a technological idiot when it comes to video... and lots of other things... but this seems like it would be useful. I started thinking about this again this morning while talking to MTV's Stephen Totilo about the upcoming Spike TV Game Awards nominations. (Stay with me here). He had asked what nominees I had selected for breakthrough technology and mentioned he liked Bungie's Saved Films tech. While I agree it's a very important new element to Halo 3 and all games, I feel like it's a bit broken.

I mean you can do that in Skate, you can do that in Tony Hawk Proving Ground. Why not Halo 3?

Keeping the data in the game creates a hurdle for those who want to use it beyond their Xbox 360. Think of the Machinima applications. Much more importantly, think of how much more prevalent vid caps would be if you could get them onto YouTube with a click of a button.

Of course this all stems from my frustration at not being able to pull a vid of me teabagging Brian Lam for you to see from my saved films from last night.

Crecente's Saved Films


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