Which Rival's Titles Does Reggie Swoon Over?

giantreggieface.jpgReggie's a big man. Literally, yes, he's an imposing guy, but he's also big enough to admit there are games on rival platforms he'd love to see with a Nintendo seal on the box. Games like these:

I've been very intrigued with Little Big Planet (from Sony). I don't know that it belongs on their platform. Microsoft has done well. There are a range of first-person shooter type games that are all very well done that could all do quite well on a Nintendo platform.

Certainly, the Halo trilogy - anyone who would look at that and say, "No, I think we could live without it", probably doesn't think real long about this industry.

Even games like BioShock. I thought that was tremendously well done. The writing was tremendously clever. I would love to see more of that type of content in the industry overall that actually makes people think a little bit.

Predictable and respectful. For the most part. The "I don't know that it belongs on their platform" bit, though, was that really necessary? No, no it probably was not. REGGIE FILS-AIME [San Francisco Chronicle]


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