Why There Is No Club Nintendo in America

clubnintendogoodies_3.jpg Nintendo Co., Ltd. has Club Nintendo and all its those exclusive Club Nintendo goodies that are redeamable with points that are packaged with games. Nintendo Europe has, you guessed it, Club Nintendo Europe. Nintendo of America has... What does Nintendo of America have? Oh, right. NOTHING. Why does it have nothing? Nintendo of America's Perrin Kaplan explains:

You know we've taken a really close look at what they're doing in Europe and what they're doing in Japan. You have to remember that, geographically, we're much bigger here and cost-wise, it is much more expensive to run a program like that. We try to do pre-sale with our retailers as often as possible. You're talking about a scale that is much larger. But we do look at the differences in markets and what consumers are liking. It's just a difference in scale.

Lemme get this straight: America doesn't get Club Nintendo because America is really big? Talk about a crummy reason! Kaplan Interview Part II [Multiplayer]


    So do we have a "Club Nintendo" in Australia?

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