2 Minutes With Battalion Wars 2

bwii_hands_on.jpgKuju's second military action game in the Battalion Wars series, Battalion Wars 2, aka BWii, comes out in two weeks, so Nintendo was nice enough to feature a two minute, two-player hands-on experience at their recent media event. I'll dedicate two minutes to writing about it.

Only one game type was permitted during our time with Battalion Wars 2, a Skirmish game based on scoring points for destroying enemy units. It was intended to show off less of the game's depth and more of the Nintendo Wi-fi Connection experience. Getting into a game was fairly simple, taking less than two minutes to set up, confirm and connect.

When we started playing, I noticed that the Wii remote didn't seem to add too much to the gameplay, simply acting as pointer and camera control. Graphically, it didn't look that much different from the Gamecube Battalion Wars, but ran smoothly in 16:9. Using the d-pad to select units...

Damn, I'm out of time. I would make an attempt to learn to type faster, but the game is out in a few weeks, so you can find out for yourself if it's good or not.


    BWii - Best. game. ever. (Until SSBB of course)

    Looking fine, can't wait! (to import U_U )

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