Wii Balance Board Has 300lb Limit

wiifitlimits-1.jpgThe Wii Balance Board for WiiFit will not support those who weigh over 300lbs (136kg), at least not in Japan. Given the largeness impressiveness of the American waistline, Nintendo would do well to beef up the specs a bit while the rest of us beef down. But at the same time, what a slap in the face that would be: "Here's your cinder block board, America. Complete with cupholder!"

Given our experience with WiiFit, it's a lackluster product bordering on 99% marketing gimmick. So our guess is that the 300+ pounders among us will be better off going for a walk anyway. And besides, that Nike iPod integration is way more impressive than this whole WiiFit thing, and just about as fun (because it's not really at all). And you won't trip over the pea-sized device every time you walk in the room. Just our two cents.

Wii Fit weight limit [via maxconsole]


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