Wii Firmware 3.1 Brings Keyboard Support

wiiblue.jpgThis morning most of you woke to your Wiis glowing bright blue, eager for a little attention. The update? Wii Firmware 3.1. What's it give us? USB keyboard support. Well, more keyboard support.

That's about it. There are some stability updates in the browser, hyperlinks can now be messaged and the "Everybody Votes" channel now allows users to ask questions of their own (via the new keyboard support). Meanwhile, my PS3 has already been crowned runner up to my laptop in Living Room Porn Machine of Choice. And until Wii gives me something more than keyboard support, that's the way it will stay. Quick poll: Is anyone out there really browsing on their consoles? I have a 46" HD and web pages look nice, but I still prefer the easier, known interface of my laptop running Firefox.

Wii 3.1 firmware upgrade now avaliable, includes USB keyboard support [opposablethumbs]


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