Wii Sales Dominance Digest, Vol. 2, Issue 41

iwata_chart_478.jpgTo anyone who follows the weekly Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart posts, this news won't come as a surprise. But, according to Japanese publisher Enterbrain, via Reuters, the Wii continues to outsell the PlayStation 3 at home at a rate of four-to-one. The figures, compiled from April to September of this year, put Wii sales at 1.6 million with the PS3 selling through just 385,492 consoles.

While we've seen a decline in Wii sales over the past few weeks, Sony has seen a similar drop off week-to-week in the past month. And while the ratio may be decreasing in Sony's favor, the Wii still continues to outsell its bulkier competitor by a factor of two or three-to-one.

I suspect that the Japanese release of Super Mario Galaxy will drive Wii sales through the roof, as the PS3's response for the Wii sequel is Railfan Taiwan High Speed Rail. But, we obviously wish both parties the best of luck.

Wii Japan sales overwhelm PS3 [Reuters]


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