Wii Staying At $US 249 This Christmas

dontshootgeorge.jpgNot that any of you were seriously entertaining the prospect (I like to think you know better than that), but some people out there might have been under the assumption that the Wii was in line for a price-cut this holiday season. Not going to happen. Those types should listen to George Harrison more often, because he's told Reuters:

We'll stay at $US 249 for the foreseeable future. We are still selling everything we can make.

Can't fault that logic. You all want a cheaper Wii, you need to start convincing people to stop buying the damn things.

Nintendo says to keep Wii console price at $249 [Reuters]


    As always, the jab at Sony made me smile.

    I would have liked to see them drop the price by $50 US, if only to put the hurt on Sony, but whatever. It would have been interesting to watch what happens after a price drop.

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