Wii Tops Amazon Wedding Gift Registry

Picture%2018.pngYoung couples in love who are soon to embrace in the lifelong partnership have one thing in mind: "Will my partner consider it cheating if I have sex with robots when said technology becomes available/attractive enough for me not to mind it so much?" The second thing on their minds, of course, is their wedding gift registry. And the number one registered wedding gift at Amazon is the Nintendo Wii. So in other words, the Nintendo Wii has become almost as important to both men and women as hot, on-demand robot sex.

The Xbox 360 comes in a close second, ranked behind countless Wii accessories and kitchen appliances at number 96. As for the PS3, it's a no show. But in all seriousness, examples like this one prove that the Wii has been accepted by both men and women as an entertainment device for the family. Kudos, Nintendo. Now please begin the manufacture of those robots we were talking about.

Amazon Registry [via gonintendo and mlive]


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