Win An Assassin's Creed 360 Faceplate

ac_face1.jpgAssassin's Creed is going to be an awesome game when it arrives next month, mainly because it's damn great right now. It's also the reason why the faceplate above is tasty as, and would look entirely dashing on any Xbox 360 lucky enough to wear it.

We had a few requests yesterday as to whether the faceplate would be available at retail. Well, the bad news is it's promo-only. Good news is Ubisoft has given us 10 to give away on Kotaku AU.

Hit the jump for more details!Okay, we're going to keep this simple. All you have to do is come up with the ultimate pick-up line for Altair in 25 words or fewer.

For example:

Hey you, how'd you fancy a roll in the hay?

Yes, it was horrible, and yes, you won't win if you use it. So be original, and funny even.

Send your entries to [email protected] with "Assassin's Creed comp" as the subject.

Winners will be drawn Wednesday of next week (31/10/2007), so get to it!


    I'm just gonna turn around and look over there, I sure do hope someone doesn't put one through me *wink wink*

    I sent mine using hotmail, please comment if you received it. My name is Ryan btw.

    no, wait it works. Hope you like it :)

    What's a woman like you doing in a century like this?

    Done and done. My plain white faceplate got boring a long time ago, but I'm not going to spend $25 just to change it.

    Are we only limited to one pickup line/entry?

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