Wireless Rock Band Guitars For PS3 Not Bluetooth Ready

rock_band_nooooo.jpgRemember that dangling dongle "solution" for Guitar Hero III for the PlayStation 3? You may be in for a similar treat with Rock Band, as 1UP reveals that the game's wireless guitars won't actually use the built-in Bluetooth wireless capabilities for that game either, instead opting for a custom 2.4GHz hardware option. Don't worry, Harmonix just says this is for the "first generation" guitar controllers, which may mean you have the option to re-buy wireless Bluetooth controllers at a later date.

This certainly won't sit well with anyone looking for a dangle free PS3. If Rock Band is indeed going with a USB dongle for the "wireless" guitar controller, I sure hope it plans on included a USB hub with the PS3 version as future PlayStation 3 owners who are stuck with only two USB ports in the 40GB model will have a tough time plugging in a full band.

Further details on the Rock Band dongle bungle at 1UP.

PS3's Mysterious Wireless Dongle [1UP]


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