Wizards Wants Online Gamers Playing Offline D&D

Wizards Wants Online Gamers Playing Offline D&D

d%26dlogoyay.jpgThere are probably only 10 people out there who have an interest in pen & paper gaming – as addicted enamoured as everyone is with World of Warcraft these days – but seeing as how I’m close to feverish with love over true social role-playing, you’ll just have to put up with me.

WarCry has an interview up with Wizards of The Coast’s Iija Rotelli, who is director of online media for the hobby games company. The chat focuses on the upcoming 4th Edition, as well as WoTC’s “digital initiative” called “Gleemax”.

In the old days, we got new customers by people going into a hobby shop, pick up a group in his community, and he would start playing. Now a day’s more and more people are staying home, playing video games, going on the internet, and so to attract those players, Gleemax was born.

It sounds like MySpace for PnP and CCG geeks… probably because that’s exactly what it is.

So what you get right off the back with Gleemax is a social networking site for gamers.

On a side note, I’m currently running a D&D campaign, and was desperately after an app to track encounters. After failing to find a free one online I was happy with, I put one together myself. You can download the executable below, and if anyone wants the source code (VB.NET) just email me. You’ll need the .NET Framework 2.0 to get it running.

Download TrackWork – D&D Encounter Tracker

Dungeons and Dragons: 4th Edition Q&A [WarCry]


  • It really is sad that less people seem to be interesting in Graphic-less or tabletop gaming. If they can find a way to cause a rebound and get some of those number-crunching ctrl+click-ing MMO players to start playing tabletop, more power to them and huzzah for us all.
    The world could use more tabletop gamers…

  • Totally agree.

    I haven’t run a campaign in years, and to finally get one kicking again has been great.

    I’ll be honest, I haven’t done much reading on the new edition but hopefully it can renew interest without alienating current players.

  • I just got into pen and paper roleplaying having finally found of group of people to do it with and I have to say I’ve been missing out for a few years now.

    Oh and going back to Baldurs Gate which I last played in Grade 6 when I hadn’t the faintest idea about any DnD mechanics, it makes a lot more sense.

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