Woman Wrapped in Toilet Paper

zombiegirl.jpg DOWN TO THE WIRE! You've got one hour left to enter our wrap-yourself-up-win-Dementium. That right up there, that's reader Stephanie, who writes:

I am not only playing for a chance at the DS Game -Dementium: The Ward. I am playing for INTERNET FAME! Even though the came looks pretty awesome!!

What's going on? We're giving away a copy of DS scary game Dementium: The Ward in our cosplay contest. But not just any old cosplay contest! Oh no. We're doing a bandage cosplay contest. Meaning? If you have toilet paper, you can enter. If you have band-aids, you can enter. Just cover yourself in bandage, and you are good to go. YES, IT'S THAT SIMPLE. The deadline for the contest is today. Yes, today is the last day to enter! You have until midnight PST tonight! Hurry!! Send your entries to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom. And remember, you aren't just playing for a DS game. Oh, no. You, like Stephanie, are playing for INTERNET FAME. Entries outside North America more than welcomed. Dementium [Official Site]


    I think she meant to write the "cum" looks pretty good wrapped in that much toilet paper! ...

    I'm sorry, so sorry. But it had to be said ...

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