World in Conflict TV

World in Conflict TV

wic.jpgShould World in Conflict be the Battlefield 2 of the RTS scene? I guess that’s up to you to decide. If you just want to show your mates how cool your nuke launches are – from ten different angles – then Massive’s just-released broadcast tool sounds like it’ll be right up your ICBM tube.

The tool allows you to play the role of virtual MC, manipulating cameras to grab the best shots of the action. It’ll be a boon for the competitive scene, no doubt, but now you can try it at home – free.

It’s designed for Direct3D 10, but if you’re still running D3D 9, there’s a command switch you can run to get it working fine in Windows XP. More info and the download at Internode Games Network.

World In Conflict Broadcast Tool Has Arrived, Comrade [Internode Games Network]

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