Wow, Soldier Of Fortune Payback IS Real

SoFposter.jpgYesterday, Crecente had a bad case of the "can't believes". After seeing an awful-looking promo poster for a new Soldier of Fortune, he couldn't believe Activision would rush something so shoddy to market in such a short space of time. Couldn't happen. Shouldn't happen. Thing is, it is! Kotaku Australia's Logan has pinged us to let us know that yes, the game is real, and was quietly announced at Activision's recent Activate Asia 2007 promo show. Why the lack of fanfare? It's a budget game, being launched under the Activision Value label, and won't feature either Raven Software or the series' GHOUL body-separating tech. Sad. Soldier Of Fortune: Payback Details [Kotaku Australia]


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