Wrap-o-matic: Monday Night

Our service provider decided it’d be a great idea to reboot the Kotaku AU servers without warning. It probably sounded like a pretty fun idea at the time.

The flow-on effects did some bizarre stuff to the back end and stopped us from updating the site. Everything is relatively back to normal now, but I had to switch from IE7 to Opera to get things done. Go figure.

Sony Predicts Games Unit Losses Will Double
Will Sony be able to pull this one back? Guess it depends on Blu-ray.

Peter Jackson Still Fighting For Halo Movie
If anyone can do it, Peter Jackson can. Go you sexy Kiwi!

Ceramic White PS3 on Display
Look, it really is white!

EA Not Planning SKATE DLC
So SKATE is just, well, SKATE. Make the most of it.


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