Wrap-o-matic: Over The Weekend

The Blue and White DS Zelda Mod Another great mod you can own, if you have some cash to spare and time to bid.

The Red Ring of Death T-Shirt Can't say I'd like to have a constant reminder of my RRoD'ed Xbox 360...

PSP Slim Doesn't Play Nice With Some SDTVs? First no SDTV support from Capcom for Dead Rising, and now Sony with this? Bah.

Too Human Trailer Silicon Knights might be fighting it out with Epic, but they're still able to put out this footage.

The Assassin's Creed Collector's Edition Figure: Now In Full Colour Somehow, I think people would prefer a Jade Raymond action figure... but Altair will do.

Sony Offers Free God of War MP3 Jam to this Ancient Greek tune while you make passionate love to ladies off-screen.

Win Your Own 7'2" Big Daddy on eBay If the 3" ones you saw in BioShock weren't scary enough: this auction's for you.

40GB PS3 Launches In Australia On October 11 All but confirmed already, here's official news of the 40GB PS3 arriving in Oz.


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