Wrap-o-matic: Over the Weekend

Public holiday awesomeness means I'll see you fresh and early tomorrow!

New Fatal Frame Headed For The Wii" It's even more fatal than ever before.

Master Chief Gets Sex Change For Charity I reckon she gives Samus a good run for her money. And other things...

Bungie Address "640p" Whiners No, the "p" stands for progressive, not pence.

Gabe Newell Explains Why Valve Hates The Mac He still loves the Big Mac though. Like, he really loves it.

Silent Hill: The Arcade Hands-On Impressions Still waiting on Silent Hill 5 news Konami... so start talking!

Kotaku Originals: From TGS To Halo 3 Last but not least, a nice fat wrap-up of the last couple of days.


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