Wrap-o-matic: Tuesday Night

Server. Me. Naked wrestling. You get the picture.

Carmack Good At Coding, Making Rockets Explode Shame he can't code the perfect spaceship. I'm sure he'll figure out some way eventually.

PSP Firmware Updated to 3.72, No Big News Only necessary if you must have the most up-to-date PSP firmware.

The Witcher: Loading Awesome, Please Wait A review of the best role-playing game ever made?

40GB PS3 Uses Quieter, Cooler Chipset The PS3 is already pretty darn quiet and cool, so this should make it practically silent!

C&C Expansion Expands Cast It's the dude from Alias and the chick from Species. You know who I'm talking about... don't you?

LucasArts and BioWare Team Up We'd love to tell you what they're teaming up on, but the press release was about as informative as a Cityrail announcement.

IPTV Not Hitting 360 With Fall Update Guess we'll just have to watch TV on the, uh, TV. If that's not too hard for you.


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