Wrap-o-matic: Wednesday Night

The Nike NES Hack The ultimate in portable gaming. Who needs a DS?

Zero Punctuation, All Nintendo Love ZP is at it again, this time his sights are set on Super Paper Mario.

GameStop Murder Suspect Captured Well, that's a small blessing. Hopefully we'll see justice served.

Soldier of Fortune, The Game, The Magazine, The Man Everything you could possibly want to know about Soldier of Fortune: Payback.

Church of England *Finally* Forgives Sony It took a while, but it's finally come around. Hope Sony doesn't have the same issues with the sequel.

Wii Fit Gameplay Watching gameplay footage does not constitute actual exercise.

BAFTA Winners, Losers Announced Wii Sports cleans up... like really cleans up. Almost reminds me of when Half-Life 2 won Best Multiplayer a few years back, even when it had no multiplayer on release...


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