Wrap-o-matic: Wednesday Night

Soldier of Fortune: Payback
Nail, meet coffin.

Mass Effect Limited Edition Details Emerge
Find out what will be inside Bioware’s special box.

Nintendo Stock Hits All-Time High
Yes, the Wii and DS continue to sell like, ah, the Wii and DS. And hotcakes.

Team Fortress 2 Art Direction, Justified
The cartoon look was intentional, it seems. That’s what Valve’s saying anyway.

Fracture Terrain Deformation Dev Diary
Deforming terrain like it’s never been deformed before. Seriously.

Unreal Tournament 3 PC Specs
Will you need to upgrade? Judging by these numbers, almost certainly.

New Guitar Hero 3 Tracks Revealed
You know that supposedly fake track list? Turns out it’s not so fake.

Chunky Custom Master Chief Figurine
So chunky, you can’t carve it!

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