Wrap Up, Win Dementium

mummylink2.jpg AWESOME!!! That's Kotakuite Kyle's entry in our Dress-Up-in-Bandages-Win-Dementium Contest. Kyle writes:

Mummy Link may seem like an odd idea, but I just can't imagine a better way to wrap yourself up. I suppose this is what happens when Link is caught by a Gibdos (the mummies in the Legend of Zelda games).

About this contest: If you have toilet paper, you can enter. If you have band-aids, you can enter. Just cover yourself in bandage, and you are good to go. YES, IT'S THAT SIMPLE. The deadline for the contest is October 23rd. Send your entries to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom and put "Bandage Contest" in the subject line. And remember, you aren't just playing for a DS game. Oh, no. You are playing for INTERNET FAME. Goodie goodie! Dementium [Official Site]


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