Xbox 360 Arcade System Coming Stateside This October

xbox_360_arcade_pack.jpgA pair of retailers have provided a landing date for the previously rumoured Xbox 360 Arcade System, the one that will supposedly replace the soon to be discontinued Core Pack. Both Amazon and Toys 'R' Us list the new bundle, previously reported to feature a memory card, wireless controller and two Xbox Live Arcade games packed-in, for the end of October. Amazon lists the 23rd with TRU dating it for the 25th.

The Amazon product listing still retains the Core Pack information, mentioning nothing of HDMI output, memory cards or Live Arcade games, instead listing a wired controller as standard. If the Arcade System comes with its originally reported pack-ins, it's going to be a hard to deal to pass up for folks looking to jump in on a budget.

Amazon Leaks Xbox 360 Core Replacement [Team Xbox]


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