Xbox 360 HD-DVD Giveaway Extended, Expanded

hd_dvd_offer.jpgMicrosoft's summertime promotional giveaway of five free HD-DVD discs with the purchase of the Xbox 360 HD-DVD playing dongle has been extended. From October 1 to February 28, 2008, anyone who drops the cash for a new HD-DVD player or HD-DVD equipped PC from Toshiba or the 360 HD-DVD Player can walk away with five free discs. The quality of titles runs from crap to John Carpenter's The Thing, with titles broken up into five categories. Sorry, you can't walk away with five copies of Aeon Flux for your archives.

The category breakdown looks like this. New buyers can pick one title from each.

Category A Aeon Flux Babel The Italian Job

Category B Hulk Pitch Black The Thing

Category C Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Swordfish Full Metal Jacket

Category D Firewall The Frighteners U2: Rattle and Hum

Category E Black Rain Darkman Troy

More details on the offer are available at For folks looking to nab an additional disc, the site also has details on the Wal-Mart exclusive offer that awards consumers who pick up an Xbox 360 with a DVD/HD-DVD combo disc of 300.

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    You bet - HDDVD in Australia is dying a very slow death indeed.

    Viva la imports!

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