Xbox 360 Weekly Sales Top Wii, For Now

ilmhalo3console.jpgThe console wars are pointless but just so damn interesting. For instance, according to UK-based Chart Track, while the Wii has been top dog pretty much since its launch, Microsoft's recent Kamehameha of Halo 3 has doubled hardware purchases and put the Xbox 360 back as the number one selling console over the last week. That's the first time the Xbox 360 has outsold the Wii in 26 weeks.

The argument still remains as to whether or not Halo has broadened the Xbox 360 user base, but it certainly managed to move some consoles in the short term. You have to wonder if Sony is still frightened of Halo 3, or relieved that it's over, wiping the rubble off their jackets and asking, "Is this all you've got?" While in the meantime, Snake camouflages into the rubble preparing for a counterattack. (Of course, you could add, while in the meantime, Master Chief... and Mario... )

Xbox 360 enjoys sales spike in Halo release week [mcv]


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