Xbox 360 Will Have 7 Million Sellers at Christmas

greenbergholdingsomething.jpg Microsoft is on a roll of sorts. Halo 3 is a smash hit, and Xbox 360 hardware sales have passed perenial fav the Nintendo Wii. But that's now. What about Christmas? You know, then. Xbox 360 group product manager Aaron Greenberg is confident. How confident? This confident:

It's the games that sell the systems and we feel pretty confident in our games lineup. Just this one holiday we anticipate that we'll have at least seven titles that will each sell over a million units each. I don't think any other platform will even come close to that, so having the big blockbuster games will definitely continue to help drive system sales for us... I think that we will continue to expand our lead over PLAYSTATION 3 and I think that we will continue to be very competitive relative to the Wii and I have no doubt that for total software sales, we'll continue to lead the market overall.

See? Like I said, confident. Greenberg Interview [Next-Gen]


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