Yahoo Exec Joining Nintendo?

Cammie_Dunaway_thumb.jpgCould Cammie Dunaway, the marketing maven who just jumped ship from Yahoo, be looking to land somewhere with game? That's what several tipsters tell us. Specifically that Yahoo's soon to be chief marketeer may be on her way to Nintendo of America, where a trio of vacancies are looking to be filled thanks to the recent departures of George Harrison, Perrin Kaplan and Beth Llewelyn.

In her internal goodbye note Dunaway says:

"While I can't share the specifics until mid next week, suffice it to say that it is a natural fit for someone who loves driving profitable revenue for big, well loved consumer brands and can't pass up the opportunity to be the coolest Mom in the universe."

She also added that she would be staying in the area.

Of course all of that could mean Disney. Heck it could be anywhere from McDonald's to the NSA depending on what type of kid you have. Even if it is in gaming, there's always the possibility that she could land at Sony Computer Entertainment of America, where David Karraker's shoes have yet to be filled.

What say NOA and SCEA? Absolutely nothing, dressed up to be a big fat no comment. We could wait until next week to find out, but it would be oh so much more fun if someone just shot us a tip now and cut the suspense.

The Cammie Dunaway Files [Valleywag]


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