Yep, Soul Breed PS3 Game Is So So Dirty

medium_ps3sexgamerevistited.jpgNothing says next-gen like embarrassing food eating! Japanese developers Idea Factory and RED bring us Record of Agarest War, the "Soul Breed" strategy RPG. Players capture the hearts of game heroines to "create" a successor. When this happens, there is a "special" movie that's shown. The new successor is then revealed. The monster-killing-baby-making RPG was released in Japan late last month, and in-game shots are starting to surface. So far? There's a girl in a school-type bathing suit, one eating a sausage, another eating a banana, a messy ice cream scene and group bathing. That, safely after the jump!record1.jpg record2.jpg record3.jpg Record of Agarest JPGs


    this is the greatest game of all time

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