Yet Another PS3 SKU On The Way?

ps3_cechh01.jpgWith the heavily rumoured (read: all but confirmed) feature-gimped 40 GB model of the PLAYSTATION 3 revealed in a recent FCC filing, possibly as model number CECHG01, it should come as little surprise that yet another PS3 SKU is in the works. An additional application from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. with the FCC shows that model number CECHH01, with FCC ID AK8CBEH1300, has undergone testing at the commission. What we don't know about the new PS3 model is its full hardware configuration, as the details are hidden from public viewing by a short term confidential request letter.As tipster Nicholas theorized, SCEA may be planning for two price reduced models in the U.S. for the holidays, with the entry level, backwards incompatible PS3 40GB weighing in at $US 399. But a second model, say priced at $US 499, featuring a larger hard drive, still with dual USB ports and a packed-in game would match nicely with a September rumour about the company's holiday hardware line-up.

That could mean that 40 GB, 60 GB and 80 GB models would be on store shelves during the shopping season, with stock of the PlayStation 2 compatible 60 GB version selling until it runs dry on stock. Then we could kiss PS2 gameplay on future PS3s goodbye forever.

Specifics on the new model are scarce, the FCC only revealing that Bluetooth and wireless LAN functions are still present in the CECHH01 model.


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