Yuji Naka Spied At E For All

yuji_naka_e4a.jpgCaught roaming the South Hall at this weekend's E For All expo, former Sonic Team head honcho Yuji Naka spent a good portion of his time cruising the Into The Pixel exhibition, looking for something to occupy his time. If you take a look at Naka's badge, you'll see he's there as a regular Joe, not attending under the name of his development company PROPE, nor as a guest of one of the exhibitors. So, what exactly was Naka doing there? He wouldn't say, unfortunately, and kept mum on what PROPE's plans were, simply opting to enjoy the show.

Wonder if he got in some time with Sonic in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? He orbited the Nintendo booth during my eagle-eyed stalking, but never dove in. He may disapprove.


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