Zack & Wiki Awesome Watch Update

It's entirely feasible that there's one or two Wii owners who aren't vibrating in their seats in anticipation for this. I dedicate this video to you. The blissfully unaware. Because after watching this there's no way you can escape the impending awesomeness. [via Go Nintendo]


    Just discovered a complete list of all marked down products at Amazon, sorted by category
    and % off, ranging from 50% off to 90% off (thanks Sonja for the effort).

    Actually I never thought Amazon would have articles with 90% off, but only in the category
    Electronics there are more than 3000 of them - look for yourself, the list is on
    Bargain Hunter (which is a blog of a woman who specializes in finding good deals at
    Amazon, like Britain’s "Jeanie").

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