Zero Punctuation Takes On Halo 3

Zero Punctuation is always a funny review, but their take on the Halo canon... never having played a Halo game in the schizophrenically insightful (and I guess a little ironic, coming from a train of thought voice of a chain smoking speed freak). Zero Punctuation: Halo 3 [The Escapist]


    The review is funny but in terms of a review its terrible for a simple reason. The guy himself completely refuses to grade Halo on anything other than the single player experience. He compares it to Bioshocks singleplayer campaign. A game with no multiplayer, created from the ground up to be a profound single player experience.. this is meant to be the benchmark for comparison to a game with solid singleplayer and outstanding multiplayer? Ridiculous.

    I think thats the worst thing with people complaining about the review about Halo 3. They refuse to accept the possibility that a superb multiplayer mode can propell a game to greatness over a superb single player mode.
    Remember kids, you play SP and you have fond memories and enjoy a good story. You play multiplayer, and you can keep playing it. And best of all your memories are with your friends as well.

    I have not played any of the Halo games, so this review is helpful to me in that I don't really have any interest in the story.
    Also, multi-player is not my thing.

    So, for me, Halo 3 will be an average FPS, and nothing more.

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