20 Million DSes Sold in Japan (The Breakdown)

prints_moneylots.gif Holy crap, Nintendo has sold a lot of DSes in Japan. How many? A lot. For those of you into frivolous things like numbers, "a lot" comes to the tune of 20 million DS portables according to Famitsu publisher Enterbrain. That's since the handheld went on sale way back in December 2004. Sure, we've heard this before, but Entertain has done the number crunching: The actual breakdown is 6,449,206 original DSes and 13,602,806 DS Lites sold for a grand total of 20,052,012 aka A LOT. The top five games sold are all first party Nintendo titles: Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl (5,337,424), New Super Mario Bros. (4,894,287), Brain Age 2 (4,731,990), Animal Crossing: Wild World (4,443,340) and Brain Age (3,571,030). So, yeah, the DS it prints money. A LOT. DS Sales Japan [Famitsu]


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