360 BioShock Widescreen "Fixed" In Next Update

biotv.jpgWell, POV cry-babies, your squeaky wheel is about to get well and truly greased. 2K will be fixing the game's widescreen "problems" as part of the game's next update, which we're promised will be "out soon". So rest easy tonight, kids, safe in the knowledge your indignant vigil over this critical issue, which left one of the year's best games utterly unplayable, has paid off. wheres the 360 WS-patch? [2K Forums, thanks Chito!]


    Fortunately the PC had a home-made FOV fixer within a few days of release. Bless the modding community...

    @MR Waffle: That's true, but I believe the fix doesn't work with the D3D 10 render path.

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