360 Kicking PS3's Arse? (In Korea)

360korea.jpgSure, the PC rules all in Korea. So that particular theatre of the great, unending console wars is naught but a diversionary conflict, a tussle for second place. Ah well. Second place still gets a spot on the podium! Which brings us to Microsoft Korea's Dae Hwan Lim, who reckons the 360 isn't just outselling the PS3 in Korea, it's selling like hotcakes never went out of style:

Xbox 360 is doing much, much better (than the PS3). There's a huge gap in market sales. I can't mention other company's numbers directly, but it's multiples larger.

Multiples! The mind boggles.

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Sales, Though Low, Dwarfing PS3 Sales in Korea? [Gamasutra]


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