40 Percent of 40GB PS3s Are Defective?

40gbps3probs.jpg See that tag right up there? That says "rumor," so we don't know how true this is. We've had no problems with our 60GB PLAYSTATION 3s, but apparently Belgian game retailer Games Mania claims that 40 percent of the new 40GB models have been returned because of hardware defects that result in the machine not being able to read discs. Forty percent? That's a lot. Like we said, our 60GB models have been super solid, so we're slightly hesitant to go jumping to conclusions. Anyone out there have problems with the new models? Hit us up in the comments section. That's what it's for.

Problemen met PS3 40GB? [Gamed via Gamer via Game|Life]


    I have sent back 2 40 gb sony ps3 consoles for disc read errors.
    It does not recognize cd's in the media drive. In the year that
    I've owned mine I have had to send it back 2 times. I'm going to
    trade this new one in at gamestop or someplace for an xbox 360.
    When I talked to the person on the phone I asked how much it would
    cost to repair this problem when my warranty expires and she said it would be in the range of 149.00 not including shipping there and back. That when I decided I'm not going to fool with these morons anymore and trade it in for something else.

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