40GB PS3 Japanese TV Spots Show Patience

Above is one shockingly bad 40GB PS3 ad The boy sitting on the floor says that he love Ridge Racer and the only Ridge Racer game he couldn't play was RR7. He says that he's waited a year to play the game, and now he finally can. His family claps. Hooray for price-cuts! However, the other three ads Sony has put out (after the jump) are pretty good. Not bad, even. Click over to watch 'em! It features a family who have been waiting "a year" to play Ridge Racer 7 or since the spring to play Gundam Musou. At the end, the screaming voice says, "I wanted to play that!" Kooky commercial.

A father tries to get the mother to agree to buy a PS3 so the boy can play Ratchet & Clank. Good ad.

Likewise, a husband tries to convince his wife to tell him get a PS3. He tells her, "You said that when Dynasty Warriors 6 comes out, it was okay to buy a PS3." She agrees that she said that. Likewise, solid ad.

Thanks k3nji!


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