4 Year-Old Blues

To: Crecente From: Ashcraft RE: Lounging

Geez. Lots of birds! It's like you are posting from a wildlife reserve. Amazing.

Dangnabbit. Wanted to get Funde Razor goodies, but didn't have time.

Mini-Bash is still feeling kinda icky. Feel really bad for the kid. He's had this stomach bug for like a week, can't go outside, can't go to school, can't see his friends, can't eat food he wants to. Lots of can'ts. Pretty frustrating! Today, he was visibly so. Like depressed even. I'd actually never seen him so down — he's usually really upbeat. We played with his Pokémon toys together, which brought a smile to his face. I read Peter Rabbi to him (in English). Oh, I also let him beat me in Paper Rock Scissors — if only 'cause he's sick. (Kid's gotta learn to toss more than Scissors if he's ever gonna hold his own on the schoolyard!) Hopefully, tomorrow he'll be feeling better.

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