A Guest Editor's Farewell

To: Ash From: Geoff Keighley Subject: Good Night...and Good Luck!

Well, the time has come for me to officially turn in my badge (or logon as it may be) as guest editor here at Kotaku. It feels like I was only starting to get to know all of you and understand the ins and outs of posting daily on a blog. The good news: The rest of the Kotaku editors seem to have tolerated my posting. (Crecente no doubt told them to be on their best behavior). And to you, the readers, I hope I've added some worthwhile perspective. I appreciate all the nice comments. Oh and Fahey, you're welcome to come on Game Head whenever you want! I might even let Crecente host if he wears that red eagle shirt again.

What's my take away from a week at Kotaku? On a personal level I really enjoyed having an outlet to express my thoughts on a daily basis. As some of you may remember, about a decade ago (when I was in college) I used to post my thoughts on the business on GameSlice.com. One thing led to another and eventually I felt burned out from having a daily web post hanging over my head. But this week has been so much fun I'm seriously considering a return to the blogosphere. There have been some nice offers already and maybe Crecente will ask me back to contribute a post once in a while...I hope so, as I'd love to stick around in some form. Thanks to Brian, Noah, and the rest of Kotaku gang for inviting me here in the first place!

But for now I'm kicked to the curb! So this is guest editor #1 signing off to go play some Guitar Hero III. (You see, I really do like it Ryh-Ming!)

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